20 fevereiro 2014

Discourages purchases in four online stores

37 stores 'online' for electronics and small appliances test and detected several violations of the rights of consumers as not reimbursement of the return of the items, with 'failed' purchases in four stores.

Discourages purchases 'online' in Redcoon, minfo, Infigueirahouse, Allientech shops.

The three criteria relating to the return and refund:
  • Price refund within the statutory period of 30 days
  • Refund of shipping charges
  • Reimbursement of the return when requested.
The Redcoon and Allientech shops continue to have severe security flaws.

Vodafone, Vale do Paiva, use, Chip7, Globaldata, Infigueirahouse, Ercomercial, Redcoon, Netnbuy, onbit, telsão, SoftClub and Prinfor include illegal clauses refusing reimbursement of shipping costs and the return of the item.

source: DECO